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What is a Satellite Phone?

Cell phones provide a level of mobility that was not possible a few decades ago. Cell phones manufacturers are trying to outdo each other with smaller phones with many useful features. But all of these things are of no value if there is no signal to make a call. In industries that require mining, exploration, and construction in far-flung areas, mobile phones may not work. Thus, you need a satellite phone that utilises the power of satellites rather than cell towers to make a call.

Cell phones rely on cell towers and when you make a call, data is transmitted from one tower to the next. Thus, there is a need to construct cell towers in strategic locations. Signal strength is enhanced even further if cell towers are clustered together in a particular area. However, mining exploration requires engineers to venture into uncharted territories.

Satellite Phones for Critical Communication Needs

mining satellite phones

Mining copper, gold, and silver usually means going into underdeveloped areas where cell towers are non-existent. Consider the logistical challenge in setting up an exploratory project in an area with no paved roads, no electricity and no running water. Chances are there are no cell towers to provide signal for your mobile phones.

For mining engineers spearheading a team of researchers working in an area with no telecom infrastructure a satellite phone is the only practical solution for their complex communication needs. Mining satellite phones allow you to make a call from almost any location in this planet. It does not rely on conventional mobile phone networks because satellite phones beam digital data directly to a satellite orbiting the earth.


Out-of-This-World Communication Network for Mining and Construction

Service providers use satellites to receive and transmit data from the mining satellite phones to a cell phone, landline or even to another satellite phone anywhere in the world. In poor countries that are rich in natural resources, sat phones make it possible to explore and mine mineral rich territories.

A sat phone is not loaded with features in the way that your smartphone is brimming with multiple apps. But in an emergency situation wherein one phone call can mean the difference between life and death, a basic sat phone with the ability to make a call in the middle of a wasteland, top of the mountain or on top of an oil rig is more than enough.

Satellite Phones Mining and Exploration

Prices vary depending on the service provider but in general satellite phones are more expensive compared to conventional cell phone data plans. Thus, sat phones are only cost-efficient in business operations that require omnipresent communication. It is practical to acquire a sat phone when you know that the failure to make a call in critical moments could mean significant financial losses for your company. Visit for more about sat phones.


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